Ok not exactly famous, but in the local papers not bad. I haven't been keeping up with the blogs because I've been super busy with 4 children and a business.

Here is the article that I wrote for the East Lothian Courier. 



Amazing sunny workshop

Well today was a lovely workshop, where everyone created fantastic pieces. So I'm going to add the photos and let them speak for themselves. Remember to contact me if you want to do a workshop or if you want any tips or hints with Raku. 


The owlets take over


So i've been making baby owls, mini baby owls ! There is such joy in sculpting each one and the little faces. Each one has a little personality. See if you can spot the evil owl LOL .Here is  what they look like when they're finished


The search for the perfect white crackle raku glaze !

Okay so if you're not into making Raku then the search for the perfect white raku glaze it's probably not that interesting to you. But if you are into it then it really is the holy grail!

The quest to find a glaze  that is shiny, crackly on smaller items, and doesn't leave bubble marks. 

I have made so many recipes, I've tried the Fergusons to the watkins . 

I have discovered my perfect recipe. So here it is because I'm a sharer 

80 high alkaline frit

20 nepheline syenite

10 tin oxide

make it thick, best left overnight before using! 

Fire till shiny, leave out for a minute till you hear a crackle  then reduce quite heavily, it does scar if things touch it but it crackles better. You can put your piece on a fire break and line your reduction with paper to still get a good crackle without scarring. 


Raku -enjoy !  



Raku tiles

Today I tried a little bit of experimentation with making a tile. It's for a commission to do three raku tiles  with a beautiful dog on, whose name I can't reveal yet in case her owner reads it , it's a surprise . 

I decided to use a photograph, I ran it through an app to get a black-and-white image. I then painted the image on using the least bubbly white glaze I could find. I then finished it with emerald  glaze


 Unfortunately the front didn't go as black as I would've liked so I had to set fire to a big pile of newspaper and burn it for several minutes. That worked quite well. I'm pretty pleased with that and I definitely will use that technique again.  

Zen pots

 I'm usually a sculptor or hand builder but lately I've been getting up early and doing some meditative throwing on the wheel. As I'm quite an excitable, jumpy person the wheel is not necessarily the best place for me to create art. You have to be very centred and very calm to use the wheel correctly. Since I've been using it as a form of meditation I've actually started to throw some decent pots. Here is a picture, it's not spectacular but I'm so proud. Small Zen steps


New workshop date booked

I've booked in a new workshop date for 23 rd September 11.30 am .  

Now I need to make some glazes , better clean out my cauldron!  


glazing otherwise known as magical alchemy !  

My workshops from a guest's perspective

 One of the people from my workshop yesterday wrote a fantastic post on Facebook documenting the workshop from her perspective. So I've got her photos and I'll write it up.  I'll add some of the photos from the other people who attended.



Pots ready to be glazed  


Pot glazed, perhaps a wee bit too thick  

Getting the kiln ready  

Getting the kiln ready  


In the kiln, ready to go. Excited!  


Natasha listening for that all important crackle 


In for some reduction, not too much  

Into the water without exploding. The look of pure concentration on  Tasha's face  


It's survived!  


Washing off the carbon and revealing the beauty beneath




It has reduced beautifully


Some glaze has come off in the kiln due to being too wet and too thick


With Natasha's help, applying  kinsugi means the piece is perfect again  


The final piece is perfect in its imperfection. The kinsugi just enhances it! 


Claire's piece  


Mona's 2 pieces from attending two workshops


Suzi's amazing piece of raku  

Dramatic workshop

Well that's the workshop finished, some absolutely amazing pieces. Feeling a bit jealous that they get to take them all home.

Such a nice group of people who all brought  delicious food with them. 

There were some dramatics, and thankfully not with the raku . While they were eating the glass roof in my dining room shattered and came to the floor. Thankfully no one was hurt as they moved in time. We just carried on with the raku , because hey had already happened, stopping would've change nothing.

Today we used blue glazes, copper turquoise,turquoise, white with stains, and white. Here are some photos of the amazing pots people made. 

 Annie brought her own pieces to glaze and quite frankly I'm actually jealous they are gorgeous. She is so talented.  



Annie's 2 beautiful pieces



White crackle with leaf prints. 

copper turquoise with butterfly.
Sadie's gorgeous cat

Jo scrubbing her pot



Burping pots




Before the ceiling came crashing down on us happy glazing. 

Workshop day

Another day ,another workshop. So today have a wonderful group of all women coming to learn how to do Raku. 

It's been raining heavily so instead of putting the marquee up with I'm having it inside my dining room. Hopefully everyone will bring wellies.  

 Here is a picture of my demonstration piece, not sure what I'm gonna do with that yet, I'll go with the group suggestion.