The search for the perfect white crackle raku glaze !

Okay so if you're not into making Raku then the search for the perfect white raku glaze it's probably not that interesting to you. But if you are into it then it really is the holy grail!

The quest to find a glaze  that is shiny, crackly on smaller items, and doesn't leave bubble marks. 

I have made so many recipes, I've tried the Fergusons to the watkins . 

I have discovered my perfect recipe. So here it is because I'm a sharer 

80 high alkaline frit

20 nepheline syenite

10 tin oxide

make it thick, best left overnight before using! 

Fire till shiny, leave out for a minute till you hear a crackle  then reduce quite heavily, it does scar if things touch it but it crackles better. You can put your piece on a fire break and line your reduction with paper to still get a good crackle without scarring. 


Raku -enjoy !