I am a sculptor and ceramics artist based in East Lothian, Scotland. I mainly make portraiture and raku sculpture and ceramics.  My large portraiture sculptures are inspired by the human form in transitional states.

My smaller sculptural pieces tell a story. I create a character and a form in which to tell that story. I also love to create Goddess sculptures that represent the wisdom and diverse beauty of women. I have daughters and make a point of sculpting and celebrating all body types.  

My Scottish raku sculptures are inspired by the beautiful ancient buildings I see all around East Lothian and beyond. Wee but'n'ben cottages, small village houses with sash and case windows, tall traditional town houses. I also sculpt iconic rural buildings, such as churches and inns.

Sculpture of young child 

Sculpture of young child 


I also make selection of ceramics ranging from the traditional to the more unusual. I am drawn to organic shapes and all things fantasy and magical. I use a range of glazing techniques, which incorporates traditional glazes, raku glazing,the use of glass and metals and organic materials. 



Please get in touch if there is something specific you would like me to make.

A recent favourite for clients has been raku pots decorated with hair from their pets. These work beautifully and are a lovely way to always remember beloved pets. 

Pot decorated with hair from Bruno the Golden Retriever and feathers 

Pot decorated with hair from Bruno the Golden Retriever and feathers