Some of my pieces are enhanced using the art of kinsugi. Kinsugi is the art of repairing a damaged or cracked piece using gold lacquer.

Raku pottery often cracks and breaks in the Raku kiln. By using the art of kinsugi no work is lost. Rather, the piece coming out of the kiln with cracks or breakages is enhanced by the the addition of the beautiful gold lacquer. I also enhance pieces using 24 carat gold leaf.

Kinsugi is the approach of emphasising rather than hiding damage. Kinsugi beautifies the breakage and treats it as an important part of the object's history. The broken piece is not something to discard, but is something more precious than it was before.

This idea of celebrating the cracks and breaks is an eastern philosophy of living that finds beauty in the damaged or imperfect.

Rather like people, pieces are made more precious, beautiful and unique by the celebration of their life experience.

Kinsugi on but'n'ben cottages

Kinsugi on but'n'ben cottages